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DuraCoat Products Sales
Kemp's Custom Coatings is a authorized dealer of DuraCoat products.  DuraCoat is a two part chemical coating. Unlike other firearm finishes, DuraCoat was created specifically for firearms.  Other firearm finishes are "spin-off's" from other industries.  Like the slogan say's "The Finest Firearm Finish On The Planet!".  Kemp's Custom Coatings can provide you with prompt delivery of your product and we have the knowledge to assist you in all your DuraCoat purchase decisions.

Application Process
Kemp's Custom Coatings
will refinish your weapon in a one color finish to camouflage patterns.  We offer over 68 colors and over 22 camouflage patterns.  We can custom match your color or help you with your camo pattern design.  All ferrous metals parts are Parkerized before the application of the DuraCoat product.

Kemp's Custom Coatings will Parkerize your firearm from shades of gray to black.

DuraCoat Application Process

  1 - Disassemble the firearm
  2 - Aluminum Oxide blasting of the original finish off parts of the firearm.
  3 - Parkerize any ferrous metal parts
  4 - Apply basecoat of DuraCoat to firearm and accessories
  5 - Bake the DuraCoat basecoat finish onto the firearm and accessories
  6 - Reassemble the firearm
  7 - If chosen apply camouflage patterns as chosen by the client
  8 - Bake the Patterned DuraCoat finish again.
  9 - Clear Coat is then applied; A Satin Finish, Gloss Finish, or Matte Finish is available
10 - Return of firearm to customer.






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